Southern 100 Pit Crew

Southern 100 July 2008

Redcar Suzuki
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If you are reading this and would like to contribute in some way even if it's to turn up at a meeting and help out you would be more than welcome, to find out more contact me .

2011 Sponsors

The following people have been incredibly helpful over the years
The Tuning Works Run by Sean and an excellent provider of specialist spares, has been a great help for the last few years.
Redcar Suzuki Officially the best Suzuki dealer in the country, great service, helpful staff and usually has parts in stock, not to mention being quick at sending them out.
Jason at JLS Motorcycles, who has let me use his workshop, tools, oil, kettle, and has been very helpful. He can be found at his premises in the memorial yard in Peel most days. Call him on 07624436429 for servicing and motorcycle related stuff.

For Sale

I have a selection of ZXR400H1 race parts for sale, including a full sprocket set, Ram Air Kit and odds and ends, I will also be selling some RGV spares soon as I appear to have about 5 sets of wheels and as many engines and odds and ends.